Doula Care

My doula services are specialized to clients planning a home birth, as well as to those clients for whom home birth isn’t an option, but are wishing for a home-like birth experience within the hospital. With the understanding that birth is generally a natural, normal event in a woman’s life, I approach my classes in the same style… naturally and normally.


As a doula I draw on my knowledge, training and experience to provide emotional, physical and informational support. I provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions as labor progresses and help with relaxation, massage, positions and other techniques for your comfort. I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I see us all working together as a team to help ensure the best birth outcomes and memories.
The majority of births attended by doulas are with couples. I would like to reassure the partner that our role in no way takes away from or replaces the role of the partner. Rather, my presence allows the partner to be involved to his/her own level of comfort and participation in this most wonderful, amazing, miracle—the birth of your child.


I prefer to meet with you and your partner for an initial visit. This allows me to become acquainted and to explore your priorities and any questions or concerns you may have. This meeting does not oblige you to have me at your birth.